Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalMy MASC offers several laser hair removal packages that will help you get rid of unwanted hair on your face and body. Laser hair removal is performed by using pulses of laser light to eradicate hair follicles: this procedure is performed safely and discreetly in our Gadsden, Alabama office.

Laser hair removal has several advantages over other forms of treatment: this procedure is designed to safely and effectively treat large areas of your body with a minimal amount of discomfort and few complications.

Hair takes four to 13 weeks to reach the surface of your skin. Since follicles grow at different times, multiple laser treatments are necessary to achieve your desired results. Each patient’s treatment will differ: factors affecting the number of treatments include age, hair density, genetics and hormone levels. But most patients experience permanent hair removal in six to ten treatments.

Murray Riggins, M.D. is committed to the safety and comfort of his patients who undergo this hair reduction procedure. After treating too many patients in his Alabama emergency medical practice for laser hair removal-related second-degree burns, Dr. Riggins was motivated to create My MASC, a medical aesthetic skin care practice that provides peace of mind when receiving this treatment.

The pictures below illustrate the effectiveness of laser hair removal for one particular patient:

Laser Hair Removal

Results vary from person to person.

My MASC offers the following laser hair removal packages:

Facial Areas

  • Upper Lip: $250
  • Chin: $300
  • Cheeks: $300
  • Uni Brow: $300
  • Ears: $300
  • Lip/Chin: $400
  • Lip/Chin/Neck: $450
  • Full Face: $600

Body Areas

  • Neck (front): $360
  • Neck (back): $360
  • Upper Back: $600
  • Lower Back: $600
  • Full Back: $1,100
  • Upper Arms: $300
  • Lower Arms: $300
  • Full Arms: $500
  • Hands: $250
  • Chest: $550
  • Breast/Areola: $300
  • Abdominals: $550
  • Navel Area: $300
  • Under Arm Area: $300

Lower Body Area

  • Bikini Line: $360
  • Extended Bikini: $400
  • Brazilian: $600
  • Male Genitals: $600
  • Buttocks: $600
  • Lower Leg: $600
  • Feet: $250
  • Full Legs: $1,100 (feet included with full legs)

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