FGXpress PowerStrips

FGXpress PowerStrips are thin medical patches that adhere to users’ skin and provide temporary relief of minor pain. My MASC is proud to offer PowerStrips alongside its other wellness products and services.

FGXpress PowerStripsThis FDA-listed product combines a special blend of herbs and energy that will revitalize any part of your body that aches. Elemental Germanium captures heat and guides it to the part of the body covered by the patch, naturally dilating your blood vessels and increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to that area. Marine phytoplankton and Korean red ginseng revitalize the area of the skin where you applied the patch.

Users of FGXpress PowerStrips have provided numerous testimonials praising the product’s pain management benefits: it begins working within an hour of application, it can be applied to several different places on your body, and some report that their persistent body pain disappeared after a few weeks of use.

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